Integrated Data Roadmap AstraZeneca/MedImmune

AstraZeneca and MedImmune have extensive, heterogeneous data resources across locations and forms, which can be extremely valuable resources for predictive analytics and data mining. The investment in collaborations and acquisitions is growing, bringing more assets to be understood and leveraged.

Recent technological advances have introduced new methods to established processes for ingesting, cleaning, associating and understanding diverse data sets to create understanding and drive decisions. The difficulty in applying these technologies is often dedicating the time to plan and design a model and process for how to identify, integrate, understand and use the data, determine what technologies can be applied and provide a path for evaluating the approaches.

MedImmune engaged 5AM to address the data access, aggregation and knowledge management problem across the R&D enterprise.

5AM created a strategy for handling different categories of data with streamlined data ingestion, provided a set of architectural options for the application of new technologies and existing MedImmune platforms, and defined an end-to-end process for data management culminating in a reference and a solution architecture.

5AM created a roadmap for using the reference architecture aligned to use cases and identifying proofs of concept.

Architecture diagram
Reference and a solution architecture.